The Feel-Good Six-Month Sales Explosion starts on Tuesday, 11 April, 2023


Here’s how it works…

To get your business well known and highly paid here are three action steps that will help you.

Action Step 1:

The weekly feel-good email

In this step you send out a positive feel-good email message at the start of every week.

In your message you share a practical tip that a reader can use to quickly create more fun, happiness or success in their life.

You also have a low-key call to action related to one of the products or services that you sell.

You send out this weekly positive feel-good email message every week for at least six months.

You will find over time that people will look forward to reading your weekly feel-good email message.

And a number of these people will buy some of the products and services that you have talked about in your weekly feel-good message.

Action Step 2:

The monthly feel-good hard copy newsletter

In this step you send out a real printed four colour newsletter by normal mail.

The newsletter is branded with your details on it. It has a number of practical tips that readers can use to quickly create more fun, happiness, enjoyment and success in their lives.

There are also two fun cartoons that make people smile and sometimes even laugh out loud.

With the newsletter is an interesting cover letter from you that explains ‘why’ you are sending out this ‘hard copy’ newsletter.

The cover letter also gives readers a call to action involving one of the products or services that you offer.

You send this hard copy newsletter and cover letter to at least 50 people every month.

You should send it to some of your best clients and some of your warm prospects.

Plus it should go to a number of key referral sources who can potentially recommend your business to many of the people they know.

When you send this hard copy newsletter out consistently it gets your business noticed.

Plus it generates a good number of repeat and referral sales as well.

Action Step 3:

The three-minute weekly video

This is designed to help you improve your marketing activities by 1% every single week.

The good news is that a 1% improvement in a week is super easy to achieve.

And over a year it means you have now improved your marketing activities by 52%.

What happens when you improve your marketing activities by 52% in a year?

That’s right!

Your sales results improve at the same time.

There are many ways to improve your marketing activities by 1% in a week.

A very easy way is to watch a three-minute video every week.

Each three-minute video gives you one thing you can do right now to improve your marketing activities.

So just watch a three minute video and then put one new thing into action that week.

As part of the Feel Good Six Month Sales Explosion you get a brand new three minute video every single week.

Video 2 shows you how to use three simple words to instantly differentiate your business and make it stand out and become unforgettable.

Video 3 shows you three simple phrases that you can use to double the persuasive power of any quotes or proposals you give to potential clients.

Video 6 shows you how to double or triple the price of a popular product or service that you sell. And create a good number of clients who are delighted to pay these premium prices.

And so on.

Let me summarize…

The Six Month Feel Good Sales Explosion is designed to make your business well known and highly paid.

As part of the programme you take three action steps.

Action Step 1:

You send out a feel-good email message once a week.

Action Step 2:

You mail out a feel-good hard copy newsletter once a month.

Action Step 3:

You watch a three-minute video once a week and put one new thing into action.

Now here’s the good news:

As part of The Feel Good Six Month Sales Explosion most of the things are fully done for you.

I’ll give you a weekly positive feel good email newsletter that you can send out.

This newsletter will be customized for your business.

You just copy and paste and send it out.

I’ll give you a monthly feel-good newsletter master that you can print and then mail out to at least 50 people.

I’ll also give you a customized cover letter for each hard copy newsletter that you send out.

And I’ll give you a three-minute video each week that you can watch and use to improve your marketing activities by at least 1% a week.

What’s the investment to participate in The Feel Good Six Month Sales Explosion?

The investment is $600US a month.
(US is US Dollars.)

This works out to be only $19.73US a day.

Now I have some bad news and I also have some terrific news:

The bad news is that the Feel Good Sales Explosion will take six months of consistent action to produce the best results for you.

Let me be very clear:

It takes time and it takes consistent effort doing three simple things for six months.

It’s NOT a ‘get rich quick’ programme.

It’s a ‘do the work’ for six months and ‘get the amazing results’ programme.

Which brings me to the ‘Terrific News’

I love to reward clients who like my ideas and put them into action.

So if you would like to join my Feel Good Six Month Sales Explosion programme before midnight on Monday April 10, 2023 (NZ Local Time) I’ll do something very special for you.

You invest in one month’s membership of The Feel Good Six Month Sale Explosion for $600US.

And I’ll provide the next five months’ membership in the programme as my free gift to you.

So your total investment for six months in the programme is only $600US.

Or only $100US a month.

Now why the heck am I doing this?

It’s very simple.

It’s because right now I’m very GRATEFUL.

Let me explain:

Between April 6 and May 7th, I’m taking a one month holiday in the Mediterranean with my girlfriend Sue.

We are on a small luxury cruise ship for most of this time. And we expect to have a wonderful time.

I’ll still be writing daily email messages and working with clients in The Feel Good Six Month Sales Explosion and doing some other projects while I am on holiday.

I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to take a bucket list dream cruise like this.

So I thought I’d show my gratitude by helping my clients with my special ‘invest in one month’ and ‘get five months as my gift’ to you.

In case you were wondering I am only doing this the one time.

So if you’d like to participate just email me on and say ‘yes I’m in’.

And I’ll take care of everything else.

For those of you that are keen to take a six month Feel Good Sales Explosion adventure with me I look forward to working together.

Warm regards

PS: If you have any questions about the Feel Good Six Month Sales Explosion Programme just contact me on

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